"I am a history geek, and often seek out historical novels when I feel like going on a fiction jag. Looking East by Jacqueline is a winner and is on my gift list for this year.
Looking East is a vivid and heart-breaking look at the personal lives of people trapped in a much larger drama involving the history of communism in the Soviet Union, China, and a little bit of the US. Reading Looking East, I was immersed in the lives of both a father and daughter: Communist leader James Mo and his brilliant daughter, Victoria Francis, who were separated for decades. It is the kind of sweeping, biographical and historical fiction that hits just the right notes. It sounds like a cliché, but I really couldn't put it down!"

  — Ellen Snortland, author of 'Beauty Bites Beast', playwright and film-maker.

"A study of Jacqueline Dreager's lifelong observations has been turned into a fascinating chronicle of human interest, talent and adventure. A must read!"

  — Robert Williams, founder of 'Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine'. Painter and author of 'Conceptual Realism: In The Service Of The Hypothetical'.