The attic where James slept as a boy

James' parents

Bound feet of Cao Mei Xing (credit Jo Farrel)

James brothers and sisters

James brothers, Guangxi Provence

James at Wisconsin University

1932 Young revolutionary James Mo in New York

Stalin, left. Lenin, right

Victoria's Russian family including her mother, Celia, 1924

Moscow's infamous Hotel Lux

Li Lisan (far left) as Minister of Labor. His first assignment: The Beijing rickshaw strike

Letter from James Mo in Moscow to Celia on the birth of Victoria

James and 2nd wife, Nadia

Three year old Victoria in Cleveland Ohio

1938 Lubianka Prison photograph in Moscow following James Mo's arrest

Moscow's Yaroslavsky Station where James and thousands of prisoners boarded a cattle car bound for Siberian labor camps

Map of sites in Siberia where James was exiled

Trans-Siberian Railway

Sentry tower at labor camp

Manpupuner Rocks in Siberia

Labor camp

Chou En-lai, his wife and friends in Guangxi Provence

1973 passport for Leningrad

Invitation for Victoria to visit her Father, James Mo, for the very first time

Victoria's 1982 travel permit for China

Victoria's relatives at ancestral home

Victoria and her relatives in Guangxi Province

Victoria's brother Valery and friend at St. Basils Cathedral, Moscow

James Mo at ancestral home in spring 1981

1982 Victoria and her father meet for the first time at Beijing Airport

Limestone Karst in Guangxi Province

Women in Central Translation Bureau teaching Victoria the art of making dumplings

1982 Victoria and James at the Great Wall

Beijing 1989 Tian-An-Men Square. Demonstrators burn government truck

Beijing 1989 Tian-An-Men Square. Plaster replica of statue of liberty

Beijing 1989 Tian-An-Men Square. At least 2,000 demonstrators killed by Chinese troops

James memorial in his apartment. Portrait painted by his son. Black cloth symbolizes death

James' grave site at ancestral home

Jack London Lake in Kolyma, Land of Gold and Death